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Orion NorthStar Location: Ann Arbor, MI Type: Full Time
Job Description

General Purpose:

The Groundskeeper is responsible for maintaining all areas encompassed by the perimeter of the community including, but not limited to the parking areas, breezeways, recreational areas, and common areas.


Oversee Physical Maintenance of property

1.      Pick up trash, cigarette butts, papers, bottles, cans and other garbage in and around entire property, including parking lots, clubhouse, and other common areas.  Keep dumpster areas free of garbage.  Clean up pet waste.

2.      As appropriate, maintain pool, hot tub, and grounds.  Use chemicals in accordance with established safety procedures.  This involves emptying skimmer baskets, sweeping and vacuuming pool, adding pool water, arranging pool area furniture, and emptying garbage cans and ashtrays as necessary.

3.      When seasonal or otherwise appropriate, use gasoline powered leaf blower to clean sidewalk areas and breezeways.

4.      Sweep hallways and stairways and other common walkways to ensure they are clean of dirt and cobwebs.  Shampoo carpets as necessary.

5.      Complete all Maintenance service requests and make readies accurately, professionally and in a timely manner.   Ensure 24-hour response policy.

6.      Perform the Preventative Maintenance Program

7.      Deliver notices and newsletters to residents as needed.  Deliver UPS and other packages to residents as needed.

8.      Physically walk and inspect property and grounds on a daily basis, document potential liabilities and bring to the attention of Maintenance Supervisor and/or Manager. Respond immediately to emergency calls and situations. Report all hazards, accidents or emergency situations immediately to appropriate supervisor.

9.      Provide emergency on-call services on a rotating basis with other service staff.


Resident Relations

1.      Maintain a positive and progressive approach to resident retention.

2.      Enhance resident relations with thorough follow-up on all resident service requests and/or issues.


Non-Essential Functions:

1.      Other duties as assigned by Service Supervisor or Community Manager.


Job Specifications:

1.      Must possess the ability to read, comprehend, and follow simple to moderately complicated verbal and/or written instructions to perform tasks assigned and to maintain records.  Must possess basic arithmetical calculation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, etc.)  This level of proficiency is normally achieved through completion of a high school education or its equivalent.

2.      Be able to effectively communicate with residents, staff, and other suppliers or vendors to ensure safe and efficient operation of property maintenance.

3.      Work with multiple deadlines, maintaining efficiency and control over projects assigned within time frames allowed and changing priorities. 

4.      Must be able to work alone most of the time, setting priorities and scheduling day for peak efficiency and productivity.

5.      Effectively assess a situation, which may require assistance or specialized equipment, and respond appropriately in serious or emergency situations.


Working Conditions:

Working environment entails working indoors and outdoors.  Outdoor conditions may be affected by weather conditions ranging from rain or snow to excessive heat.  Regular exposure to hazardous chemicals, paints, cleaners and power machinery.  Tasks may involve working in occupied or unoccupied units in varying degrees of cleanliness.