About Us
About Us

National In Scope • Regional in Expertise

Orion Residential has developed a holistic approach to its acquisition activities in an effort to create a sustainable competitive advantage for acquiring properties and creating value for our investors.

Our acquisition strategy centers on the following investment thesis:

Customer Identification

Who is our customer. What do they want and how can we best provide it.

Market Selection

What markets provide the highest probability of above market rates of return on a risk adjusted basis.

Product Identification

What is the optimal product to provide to the apartment homes best suited for our Customers.

Value Creation

What enhancements can we make that will appeal most to our Customers without having to take unnecessary risk for our investors.

Orion has developed a proprietary Market Selection model allowing us to determine which macro markets have the highest profitability of above market returns on a risk adjusted basis. Orion is currently seeking investment opportunities in the following markets; as indicated on the map to the right.

Investment Parameters

  • Deal size: $15 million-$250 million


  • Conventional Apartments

Communities 250 units or greater built in the last 25 years and have the ability to upgrade common area amenities and individual apartment units. Typically infill urban locations or mature suburban location including: garden, mid-rise and high rise communities.

  • Opportunistic

Older properties are in strong locations with significant "re-positioning potential."

Scroll on map for target markets.